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Just like the first Typographic Matchmaking project, there are 5 teams of matched designers, only this time there architects are on board, along with major new ingredients. This time as well, my friend Khajag Apelian and I, are both part of 2 of the teams in the project. What remains the same: -5 teams of designers from Europe and the Middle east -The aim is to create 5 pairs of matching Latin and Arabic typefaces -Showcase the result in a book and an exhibition typographic Matchmaking , El Hema. Both the film feature and the book are to represent means of exploring the project as a creative process and and a showcase for the outcome. Amsterdam February 09 was the first meeting during which the teams explored Amsterdam. The trip included launching the project, briefing the teams, discussing the general concept and requirements. Presentation by each participant took place at Mediamatic. The paired designers took the time to get to know each other and sit for brief brainstorming sessions as well as random discussions.

The ‘Typographic Matchmaking in the City’ Movie

Find this Pin and more on Arabic type by Jomana mana. Arabic Art. Research Projects.

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Crossed-Out Warsaw is a project about dreams. Dreams of newborn polish society. To discover them, you take a VR journey through a legendary government district of Warsaw, that was never constructed. In the country of Poland, after years under occupation, gained back its independence and appeared again on the political map of Europe. It included major buildings like the new Parliament, headquarters of public institutions, foreign embassies, Polish Radio Headquarters, and a monumental temple of Divine Providence.

It was a modernist, monumental concept, that symbolized spirit of newborn polish society that times. Poles were ambitious, forward thinking and strong nation, but because of the disasterous history ,that happened in , they were broken one more time and their plans of constructing the architectural heart of Poland were gone forever. Our project gives fantastic and unique opportunity to see those dreams of Polish people, that never came true.

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Collage that illustrates link between the car brand Ferrari and the Catholic Church. About the similarity in experience both on a religious level. Short film, for the greater part made from found footage, about a journey of a writer to fictional American city.

The Typographic Matchmaking projects were initiated by the Khatt Foundation as a by and made for the urban public space, one book and a documentary film.

Design is the method of putting form and content together. Design, just as art, has multiple definitions; there is no single definition. Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Designing for multicultural environments always has one typographic problem and that is visual consistency, how can you have consistency when you are interacting with two very different scripts, latin and arabic. Just focusing on contemporary design in the Arab world which a multicultural environment with places like Dubai and Saudi Arabia, how do designers deal with the bilingual design.

This book is an introduction to visual consistency in design that involves latin and arabic, how the scripts can be altered in to working together as one, focusing just on the type. Also looking at the typefaces produced by the Khatt foundation and their outcomes of attempting to create a typeface that works in two very different scripts.

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The opening reception will take place on Thursday, February 7 from 7 p. Scripts are living cultural artifacts, each with its own technical, formal and historical conventions. This exhibition features a collection of contemporary multi-script typefaces produced by type foundries from around the world. Projects on display illustrate how type families can maintain their characteristics across multiple scripts while at the same time addressing the growing need for multilingual type design due to globalization and new information technologies.

On display will be a collection of contemporary typefaces in the form of large-scale type specimen panels featuring a Latin character set alongside its non-Latin counterparts. Participants include: Adobe Originals, Morisawa Inc.

Pearl of Absurd is a documentary film and a cross media platform about city of Kinetic typography will lead to short clips of video and live polls; live-feed life interactions with inspiring mentors through an interactive “matchmaking” platform.

We have lost this relationship between typography, material and architectural space. Knowing someone else is knowing his language, seeing his language. The film tracks a year-long collaboration between five teams — comprising 15 Dutch and Middle-Eastern graphic designers, architects and typographers — as they seek to create truly-dual Arabic and Latin script types to be used in public spaces. English is the ubiquitous hallmark of internationalism and multiculturalism in the Middle East, seen alongside its indigenous sister script everywhere, from shop and traffic signage to street furniture.

The difference is that the Latin script has been evolved a lot and has been studied more. The Latin type faces that you see are quite developed and structured. Unlike the Arabic ones which have not significantly developed from calligraphy, so it is hard to make the Arabic script work as a font. A dialogue between cultures and between design mediums, the complexity of the undertaking becomes apparent to the viewer via the varied approaches demanded from the teams — digital, sculptural, geometric and collaborative.

The conceptual implications of linguistic harmony are met with practical considerations of formality. When placed within the context of public and architectural space, the complexity is magnified. The distinctive and experimental outcomes that the five teams reach demonstrate the innovation inherent within the project.

Typographic Matchmaking in the City is available to buy here. The Khatt Foundation, Center for Arabic Typography is a cultural foundation and design research center dedicated to advancing design and typography in the Middle East, North Africa and their diaspora, and to building cross-cultural creative networks.

Typographic Matchmaking in the City Public Presentation

As hosts, we are interested in expanding more traditional definitions of type design established within education programmes and institutions. We are excited to welcome a lively and diverse group of artists, designers and researchers to explore type happening in Amsterdam. The lectures are open to the public and free. Experts, non-experts, type enthusiasts, writers, design students might be especially interested in joining.

This year letterspace decided to join the open call in order to showcase the platform, our involved speakers, and guests.

‘Typographic Matchmaking in the City’ is a documentary about an urban typographic research project investigating new approaches for bilingual lettering and.

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Unfollow Follow Unblock. Other Affiliations:. I then engage with recent analyses that identify in WeChat traits typical of digital and social infrastructure.

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TMMC at De Balie in Amsterdam will feature a symposium, book launch and film screening, not to mention some big names in type and graphic design. Typographic Matchmaking in the City TMMC is a design research project investigating new approaches to bilingual lettering and poetic narrative for public spaces. The project has proven to be highly inspirational for the participating designers; it brought together creatives from different cultural backgrounds who intensely collaborated over a 2 year period, creating coherent products with groundbreaking results.

This project shows the important role that design can play in initiating cultural change, assimilation and integration—by simply using our basic daily mode of communication: the written word.

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Aslon Arfa has recently published a book of his photography documenting crack addicts in Iran called Black Crack in Iran. Some of the images are of people getting high, some post-high, some in search of a high. Others document tattoos, living conditions, and even public execution. The introduction to the book notes the difficulty the photographer had in gaining trust and access, but nothing about whether that trust was then compromised in publishing these photos.

Needless to say, an academic would almost never be able to publish identifiable images of addicts in compromised states and I have chosen not to reproduce them here because there is no guarantee that the person being photographed is able to give informed consent, nor can the academic guarantee their safety post-publishing.

But there are no ethics review boards to which photojournalists and documentary photographers must adhere, and that often allows them to embark on issues of humanitarian and social concern in more direct and visual ways. Given these dueling motivations for protection of subjects and for awareness-raising of their plight , what do you think of the ethical implications of doing this kind of work?

Source: iranican. The account of young Atafeh Nikohl Boosheri falling in love with fellow schoolgirl Shireen Sarah Kazemy — before being pulled apart by events — will draw invites from fests including generalist and gay-lesbian events. Pic has been picked up for U. We invite you to meet women behind the poetry project, see the work in progress, and enjoy refreshments with us at 10 Grand Press.

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Want to learn how to design a logo? A good overview for matching typefaces. Big congrats to St.

A documentary of The Khatt Foundation’s design research project investigating new approaches for bilingual Arabic and Latin lettering, review.

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Typographic Matchmaking in the City

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The Typographic Matchmaking projects were initiated by the Khatt Foundation as a means to bring about cultural dialogue through collaborative design projects. The goal was to investigate alternatives to the Arabic fonts available on the market and to propose through specific themes new design solutions. The projects have proven to be highly inspirational for the participating designers; they brought together designers from different cultural and professional backgrounds to intensely collaborate on creating coherent products with groundbreaking results.

These projects show the important role that design can play in initiating cultural change, assimilation and integration—by simply using our daily basic communication mode: the written word. Typographic Matchmaking v1. The research explored the bilingual and dual-script needs of contemporary design in the Arab world and Middle East for publications and new-media.

The aim was to create good Arabic fonts that would set a benchmark for future developments in the field. Five renowned Dutch designers were invited, each matched with an Arab designer.

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